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Karettschildkröte auf blauem Hintergründ

Claudia Kaase, media designer
for graphic and illustrative conception

With a focus on equality, human rights and sustainability

Creating trust through a uniform design

I help companies worldwide to shape their values and messages across media in the market and make them visible in order to bring about change and transformation in society.

I translate relevant content into apt, innovative design that gets attention and reach through visual storytelling.

Strengthen visual identity 

With great empathy, I advise organizations and companies and help them find design solutions that best present their themes – from design to result, all from one source, together with my network of freelance creatives.

Want to make your theme visible? Let’s work together on your next project. Get in touch with me.

“Thanks to her excellent conceptual thinking and her far above-average creativity, Ms. Kaase always develops extremely innovative ideas and solutions.”


Elisabeth Kaneza

“Working with Claudia is just straightforward and the goals from the Kaneza Foundation are very well realized graphically.”


About me

In a working relationship, it’s incredibly important for me that people are open and honest with each other and treat each other with friendly respect. I prefer to work with people who want to make a difference.

I want to live in a world where everyone has a place and can contribute equally, and I firmly believe that everyone should get a fair chance.

I am a visionary doer. I spend most of my time drawing and painting and trying new things. I also take incredible pride in whipping up spontaneous meals from my veggie box, and I love going out to eat with friends and exploring the outdoors.

When I’m not working, I’m exploring the world, especially Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Let us work together on your next
project together

Do you want to make your topic visible? Get in touch with me.

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